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Planetsdie2 ULTRA Settings

Noivad will Update this information as changes are made to the Game.
Updated 22 June 2014

Some of the information Noivad went to, is dated from over a year ago, and Planetside2 software keeps changing, Hardware is improving, and Members of DOG - Dangerous Operations improve their own computers. After spending about 6 hrs of research, and another 6 hrs of testing each setting, this is what I came up with as a general guide at requested by members of the Outfit

Sony made a Ultra option in patch GU09. This makes a very small difference to framerates, and if you have 8 Gig Ram, or more, you should try setting your graphics to ULTRA.

The following changes were made to the Planetside2 UserOptions.ini file and were made by me to enhance the look as well as the the performance of my computer and game. These settings are the setting that give me the best result, but may not give you the best result. I suggest you use them as a reference, experiment, to what settings are specificaly good for you.

Do NOT add any files to the directory, or take any away - These modifications are allowed by Sony.

Noivad's computer is running a Republic of Gamers Asus MB, 16 Gig tuned Ram, AMD FX 8 Core, and a EVGA Nivida 670 Video Card with 2 Gig Video Ram, a 150 GB SSD and 1 Tetabyte drive for data. All 8 Cores are parked and available, while running Windows 7. I am running 64 Bit System

Currently GPUPhysics are turned off by Sony, and cannot be turned on due to some people having game crashes.

Note: The Planetside2 Forums have contradictory information as to what ULTRA is and what the settings should be. Again these are the settings that work for me. Some of the settings are either 0, 1 or 5, but they are all set to the highest level as either 0, 1 or 5 can be the high level depending on what is being set.

Note: During the Server Smash on the Test Server, at the last Battle, with Fraps on I was getting 15 FPS, and experienced no lag.

I recommend that inside of the Game, before you start, that you set all your settings to High

Then follow this procedure.

Read the entire web page before you start, including going to the link located at the bottom of the page that goes directly to a Planetside2 Tweek Guide, writtened 13 April 2013, Nivida - Geforce specificly for Planetside game settings.

Start up your Planetside Game Launcher.

At the bottom left corner of the Launcher you will see a wrench symbol. (Hover Mouse over wrench and you will see Advance Tools). Click on it.

Click on, "Valaidate Game Assets" to make sure you do not have any currupt files.

The launcher will show installing as it checks all of your files. I do this step every time before I play

Once done Click on "Open Games Directory"

Scroll down untill you see Useroptions" file.

Right Click, select open and click, file will open.

Find the "Display" and "Rendering" segements of the File and try the following changes.

NOTE!!!!!: Do NOT make any changes to any other part of this file. Don't forget link at bottom of page.

You will see something like what is listed below with out the NOTES:.


  • FullscreenRefresh=0
  • Maximized=0
  • NOTE:RenderQuality=1.000000 Increase this beyond the default value to enable supersampling, which renders the game image multiple times to reduce aliasing and increase image quality (moreso the latter in the case of Planetside 2). Replace the default value here with the square root of the level of supersampling you want (eg. 1.41 for 2x supersampling, 1.73 for 3x supersampling, etc). Source - Nivida Geforce Guide

    NOTE: I am currently using 2.000000 for 4x sampling.

  • RenderQuality=1.000000
  • NOTE: Full Screen Height - width should match your best resolution for your Monitor. This is called Native Size. NOT your Graphics Card Higest resolution.

  • FullscreenWidth=1920
  • FullscreenHeight=1080
  • WindowedWidth=1916
  • WindowedHeight=1054
  • NOTE: Full Screen Mode gives better performance then Windowed Mode.

  • Mode=Fullscreen
  • FullscreenMode=Fullscreen
  • [Rendering]

  • GraphicsQuality=5
  • TextureQuality=0
  • ShadowQuality=4
  • RenderDistance=999999.000000
  • Gamma=0.000000
  • Recommended is NOT to go over 120.

  • MaximumFPS=250
  • UseLod0a=0
  • OverallQuality=-1
  • LightingQuality=5
  • EffectsQuality=5
  • TerrainQuality=5
  • FloraQuality=5
  • ModelQuality=5
  • VerticalFOV=74
  • ParticleLOD=5
  • ParticleDistanceScale=2.000000
  • FogShadowsEnable=1
  • MotionBlur=0
  • VSync=0
  • AO=1
  • GpuPhysics=0
  • Smoothing=0
  • UseAspectFOV=0

Nivida Geforce Guide

Nivida Geforce Guide
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