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SALUTE Definition For PlanetSide 2 Operations

    SALUTE is an acronym for:

    • Size (of enemy force),
    • Activity (of the enemy),
    • Location (of the enemy),
    • Unit (the type of military unit or their uniforms),
    • Time (of observation),
    • Equipment (that the enemy has).


A DOG Warrior, especially the Hound Dogs of Recon Platoon whos Missions include observations of enemy activity, is obligated to make a "spot report" (referring to the enemy being "spotted") and present it in SALUTE format to his Team, Squad, Platoon Leader, or directly to the S2.

Any member of Any DOG Unit can submit a SALUTE Report.


The purpose of a SALUTE report is to convey the most vital information as quickly as possible regarding enemy activity in order to elicit a determination of a military strategy in regards to that information.


DOG Requires state that a SALUTE report must be given to the chain of command within 30 seconds to 1 minute of observing enemy activity otherwise the information is to stale to action given the fast pace Planetside 2 will likely follow.


The standardized SALUTE format is designed to train the soldier to quickly and thoroughly compile vital pieces of information in an organized manner. This efficiency in reporting also results in greater precision and detail of information.

SALUTE Reports should be given in a clear, concise, accurate manner, and should be free from embellishments or exaggeration. Dangerous Operation Group, ULTRA and the Terran Empire is depending on you.

Size: How many men in the enemy unit, estimated in increments of 5.

Activity: What are they doing? Moving in column/mass, setting up a defensive position, guarding the cc at a base.

Location: Where are they? Use a map, if available. If not, describe their position as accurately as possible. If you die at the location the enemy is at use your squad color and number - Example:Enemy AMS Gold 4 Location

Unit: Who are they? Which Empire? What Type Armor? Air? Infantry, ect. If you donít know specifics, describe unit insignia if you can see it. Units in Planets Side 2 will be able to customize uniforms and more then likly Unit Logos.

Time: How long ago did you see them? Remember the time limit on intelligence is 2 mins.

Equipment: How are they armed and armored? Were they heavy tanks or light ones. Were they a light Infantry or Mechanized Infantry?

All these points are important to your commander in determining his response to the enemy presence.

EXAMPLE: ďThis is yellow 5 - A patrol of fifteen men are moving up the roadway in 2 coloums. Map Coordinate F13-55 but I donít know what unit. There is one Skygueard with them. I saw them about one minutes ago (Insert game Time). Itís a mixed unit of Rifles, Anti Air.Ē

This report conveys all of the necessary information clearly and takes less than fifteen seconds to give.

Give your report to your Team Leader without having to drag it out of you.

Report directly to your Team Leader. He will send the information up to higher headquarters

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