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Outfit Leader's Message

Hello, welcome, and thank you for your interest, and potential membership in Dangerous Operations Group - known by its tag DOG in game. A Terran Republic Outfit on the Emerald Server.

Dangerous Operations Group - Outfit Leader's name in game is Noivad. DOG is a Planetside 2 Gaming Outfit, that specializes in teamwork oriented, Military Style Operations, including Special Operations, and Fast Responder Operations, involving Air and Land Mobile Light Infantry as its Primary classes, but uses all classes depending on the military situation.

DOG members overcome, adapt, and improvise as necessary as the very fluid battle field changes around them. DOG members are very flexible, and redeploy over the entire scope of the battlefield as necessary, providing the needed time for the slower moving, larger Outfits to get to a contested area.

DOG is part of the Rapid Deployment Forces of the Terran Republic and should be considered as a Force Multiplier on the Battle Field.

  • Planetside2 is a Military MMO FPS Game that permits up to 2000 people per map, from all over the world to fight alongside each other.
  • DOG - is a veteran owned and veteran operated Gaming Community of prior-service, active-duty, retirees, and disabled veterans.
  • DOG - Has an International Membership of team players which includes members who did not serve in their Nations Military.
  • Civilians are welcome who wish to experience Military Style Operations in a gaming environment.
  • A military background is not required for membership. You must be at least 15 years of age to join, and act mature even if you are an adult.

Because Dangerous Operations Group conducts itself as a Military Organized Outfit, it may not be the right type of Outfit for you. So there are no misunderstandings between Outfit Members and Noivad, he wants to let you know right up front:

  1. What our basic rules are for Planetside2.
  2. Why Noivad can Make the rules.
  3. The Agreement between The Outfit and You.

Not everyone can be a DOG. All members go through a selection process that is not that difficult.

If you agree with the DOG requirements then by all means continue the process to join DOG. If Not, then good life to you, and "Good Luck", in the real world, and planetside2.

The Principle

  • It is expected, that all members strive to become knowledgeable and skilled Warriors.
  • Without Knowledge, Skill cannot be focused.
  • Without Skill, Strength cannot be brought to bear.
  • Without Strength, Knowledge cannot be applied.
  • All are Crucial Skills that Warriors develop to survive the battlefield.

With Knowledge, with Skill, you can focus on your goals and missions no matter how dangerous they are, to conquer them, to be more dangerous then danger itself, beating the odds and achieving your victory.

It is the responsibility of each DOG Warrior to learn the DOG Way. The Website, as well as taking DOG specialized Training Courses are a means to do this.

A "True Warrior" must possess:

  • Loyalty - a faithfulness to the Terran Empire, The Unit, Your Teammates and the Cause to reunite the Terran Citizens once again on Auraxis.
  • Courage - the ability to confront danger no matter how dangerous to oneself, to go on even in pain, to venture into the unknown with out fear.
  • Veracity - To be truthful and honest, to seek it, to know it, to believe in it, but most importantly to see it in oneself, accept it, and use it. To know oneself is to know what you can be, or what you can actually do.
  • Compassion, a virtue to show empathy and sympathy for the suffering. For in War even the Victors know Suffering.
  • Honor - Above all others, honesty, fairness, integrity, in ones actions and beliefs to yourself and your teammates.

These are simple things, and yet so hard to practice and emulate for some. They define where self respect, and the earned respect, of your peers and enemies come from.

These are the things that make " True Warriors " truly dangerous.

We Seek Members who never shy away from battle and revel in the challenge of the competition. Whether you were an inexperienced or experienced warrior in Planetside 1, or an accomplished knowledgeable Warrior from some other game, or someone just looking to learn and become a member of a Team, come try us out and see if we are a good fit for you in Planetside2.

We play to win, enjoy a "NO DRAMA" Environment, respect members who participate, and people who we can count on, who act on a Mature Level, want to have fun, and can take direction.

We are more interested in what you bring to Dangerous Operations Group as a person that enjoys teamwork, then what your skill level is in Battle Experience Points or Command Experience Points.

Warriors must work well with others, Teamwork is Imperative, Solo Play IS NOT tolerated if more than one DOG member is playing.

All Jobs Positions are open to everyone except Outfit Leader. There is no special club within the group. We give all membership a chance to lead if they so desire.

Be assured, that if you do not consider yourself dangerous before you join us, that you will become dangerous in Planetside2 once you have learned to fight with us.

We have members that have joined us from other Outfits - Units, that have chosen to learn the DOG way because of its effectiveness to achieve goals, the fun they have when they join one of our squads, and the camaraderie that forms when a group of like minded individuals come together as a team and succeed at accomplishing an objective that other units fail to accomplish.

Dangerous Operations Group uses a Organized Military Style, Team Work Oriented, Game Play to attack our enemies. Everyone has a job to do and everyone must learn how to do their individual jobs. In every Mission Objective that we attempt, Individuals, join small teams, that perform Small Steps in a Task. When One Task is completed, Teams then move to complete another set of Tasks until all Tasks are completed and the Mission Objective is completed.

This is how the Military does it and we call it the Tasks, Conditions, and Standards of a Military Objective.

The Basics:

The Primary Class for Dangerous Operations Group is "Light Assault". We make extensive use of all Jet Pack types. This is Mandatory.

All other Classes and Vehicles are considered Secondary Bonus specialties, that we do use, but are not the Primary Bonus Class for DOG

However, there are times that members will be asked to assume the role of another class, dictated by Mission Requirements, once we reach our objective.

This Outfit has Mandatory Certing Requirements - so that we can be ensured that you will have the proper equipment certed properly to make you dangerous.

This Outfit is a Airborne Ranger - Para Trooper type of Unit that Drops in and uses Close Quarter Combat skills developed for Planetside2 from real life skills, to destroy the enemy.

This Outfit uses a step by step Training Certification Program. Training is conducted on a regular basis. There is both group and individual training in all areas.

Instruction is available on, Vehicles, Weapons, Aircraft, and combat techniques that will make you dangerous as it relates to the types of Military Type Operations we conduct.

If you are not already dangerous when you join us, you will become dangerous by the time we get done with you. Members enjoy Kill streaks of 10 or better per life.

It is not uncommon for us to take on multiple squads with just a Fire Team made up of four team players and achieve our objective.

You are allowed to make mistakes, and we expect you to make some, that is OK, as everyone makes them. But we also expect that you can learn from your mistakes as well.

You must demonstrate that if given a problem, you can overcome, adapt, and improvise.

The enemy is what the enemy is, and what they have to shoot with is probably NOT going to change anytime soon.

If you complain, or whine, how over powered the enemy is, if your a defeatist, and think your not going to win, if you cannot understand how the enemy can kill you with one bullet, If you think I can't fly, or drive, or kill like the best. You will fail in this game.

This Outfit is NOT for you.

You must want to be involved in Teamwork and Organized Game Play.

If NOT this Outfit is NOT for you

If your only interest in this games is a great Kill / Death Ratio, then this Outfit is not for you. It is the Team Player, not the Solo Killer we are looking for.

Being a DOG is as much a state of mind, as it is the proper use of skill sets to achieve a victory against the enemy.

The question then is, simply, can you be good enough, to be a DOG.

Why Can Noivad Make All The Rules:

Anyone can be an Outfit Leader. Even you can be one if you really wanted to be. Anyone can start an Outfit in Planetside2. But by being an Outfit Leader you have to take on some responsibilities for your members.

You have to provide certain things to your members in any gaming organization - Klan - Unit, Corp. e.c.t. In Planetside2 the name of an organization is called the Outfit.

Good leadership is expected by members of course, and fairness to everyone is expected as well.

There should be no favorites, no cliques, that makes some members feel left out. Everyone should be treated equally. Everyone should have a chance to contribute, in a manner that will enhance the game play of your Outfit. Everyone should have the chance to advance within the organization.

As Outfit Leader, You should set your goals for all members to see. There is a Goals webpage setup on this website for you to look at.

You should provide your members with a way to communicate that is more effective then typing in a game chat, more effective then game voice communications within the game itself, so members can be more effective when they fight.

Noivad does these things by providing members with a Team Speak 3 Server for free. The team speak server can be expanded to 512 member slots if needed. Teamspeak 3 has excellent Security.

Teamspeak 3 is used instead of Ventrillo, or Mumble, and others because of its ability to be flexible, and complex enough to have multiple ways to communicate to individuals and groups in a large outfit at the same time.

In Planetside2 - The Outfit Teamspeak 3 is tied into the game voice communication system SOE has developed for Planetside2. The two systems work together.

Planetside2 voice is used only as a secondary communications ability to talk to non Outfit Members that are in a open squad as its quality is not as good as Teamspeak 3.

The current cost of the Outfits TS3 server is $19.95 each month. That is a commitment of approximately $240.00 a year from Noivad so that his members can talk, and play together as a team. As more members join us that cost will go up.

If you are selected to join us, then "You" will have the Outfit Tag name "DOG" which stands for Dangerous Operations Group, added to your character in game. That TAG and Name was chosen by Noivad. Noivad is recognized by Sony Entertainment as the Outfit Leader of that name. The Outfit name has carried over from Planetside to PlanetSide2 Tech Test, Planetside2 Closed BETA and in Planetside2.

Out of between 98,800,000 and 122,000,000 results for the key words Dangerous Operations depending on when you google it, Dangerous Operations Group .com is at the top of the list as number one.

Out of 59 Million results Dangerous Operations Group ranks number one in google.

Noivad built a web site. Some say it looks pretty good. It still needs improvement. We have a website not just forums. We have forums too. And Facebook. And Twitter. And a YouTube channel being developed and a few other things as well. Some DOG members and Non DOG members have contributed time, effort, and money to the Dangerous Operations Group. Its almost like a family, it is a community.

Ask any member and they will tell you that Noivad spends a lot of his time that he could be spending with his family, or in game playing, planetside, working on the web site, or conducting Training for members, or attending meetings with other Outfits that we play alongside. Noivad always welcomes anyone who wants to assist in any way on web site pages, forums, or in game so he can spend more time playing.

Web Sites need a Domain Name. The Domain name Dangerous Operations Group .com is owned by Noivad. He paid for it. He will continue to pay out every year $12.00 for us to keep the web site. And whats a Domain name if you don't have a web site host to put it on so others can see it. Noivad Pays another 5.00 per month so you guys can utilize the information on it. Another $60.00 per year.

So Noivad has committed $312.00 USD to our Outfit so we can have fun playing as an organized Team in PlanetSide2.

Noivad has other Outfits working with us and playing along side us as equals so that we can accomplish our objectives when we attack out enemies.

Dangerous Operations Group was a member of an alliance called ULTRA - United League Terran Republic Alliances in Planetside2. However that organization since its conception in 2003 from planetside1 days dissolved at the end of 2013. But had almost a continuous 10 year run.

Currently Dangerous Operations Group is a member of Battle Group Matherson, which is very similar to the old ULTRA, but with a modified management system. Friday Night OPS (FNO) is when as many as 11 different Outfits, come together against the enemy the NC and VS to conduct Military Operations for the Terran Republic.

But Noivad is Not a GOD, Nor does Noivad think he is better then any of his members. He even states this on this web site. Noivad thinks that the least trained person, usually the new guy to the unit, is the most important person in the outfit. Noivad wants everyone to succeed. He wants DOG to be the best Outfit in Planetside2, and the most Dangerous Outfit to the NC and VS. Noivad wants "Teamwork" between members. Noivad wants every one to get along if possible. Gee Wiz Noivad Seems to want a lot, huh.

But Noivad cannot make anyone, NOT even you, do what you do not want to do. No one can be forced to do anything they don't agree to. No one is expected to. You must want to agree to be a team member of Dangerous Operations group.

However, Noivad has some rules that he asks, you to follow if you join DOG.

The Agreement

When you become a member of DOG, Dangerous Operations Group. You get to put the DOG Tag next to your in Game Characters Name. Everyone who sees or talks to you knows you are a Member of DOG with this "Dog Tag" on. You belong to a group, a team, a pack, a unit, and outfit that works together. What you say and do directly reflects on every other member, and specifically on Noivad; NOT just yourself. Every member of DOG commits to every other member of DOG. Strength through Unity. Read our Creed on the Main Page. Learn our Mantra. Follow the ULTRA Rules.

When you are in a Character that does not have the DOG name under it then in that character you can do whatever you want to do with it. You can have three characters on each server. You don't have to join an outfit squad, you don't have to talk or chat with anyone from DOG, You don't have to get into Teamspeak 3. You can do what ever you want. You can figure a way to have multiple accounts, in Multiple Outfits in Multiple Empires as well.

Primary Server will always be the East Coast Server called Mattherson and Primary Faction will always be Terran Republic.

But when you get into an account that you use to join DOG then following DOG rules and the DOG way is expected:

  1. You get in Outfit Teamspeak 3 before you even log into Planetside2.
  2. You get in an Outfit Squad once you log onto Planetside2.
  3. You cert Outfit Required certs.
  4. You follow Outfit Communications Procedures.
  5. You allow yourself to be directed by the individual designated as Team Leader of your team.
  6. You become a DOG Team Member.

Teamwork is the Key to organized Game Play. Your either a DOG or Your Not. The choice is yours to make.

Thank you for your time,


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