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DOG - Dangerous Operations Group

Outfit Active Player Policy:

Updated 26 June 2014

The following Active Player Policy has been developed because of the success we have had with how we currently recruit new members to DOG - Dangerous Operations Group.

It is needed to purge inactive members from the Outfit, so that we do NOT have a large inactive Outfit, like so many other Outfits out there.

We are NOT an Outfit that wants thousands of inactive players, rather we are an Outfit that wants to have a active membership in our style of game play because it is fun for them.

A lot of people who try playing Planetside2, just do not have the computer equipment, able to handle the MMO Graphics that Planetside2 offers, with up to 500 plus people playing at the same base at the same time. A lot of people quit the game simply because of "LAG" and very low "FPS".

We also like to see people play at least once a month, but understand that, some people are meeting educational endeavours, and are without their gaming computers while away from home.

Planetside 2 records the last time a person plays, by day, week #, by month. All members can see everyones activity, or inactivity, by going to the game Outfit window.

It is possible for a new player in a 2 hour session of the Planetside2 game, to achieve Battle Rank 10. Some people can do 15 + levels on day one very easily in a few short hours

Any member who gets purged from the Outfit, for inactivity, may come back at any time.

Any member who is going to be gone for 3 months over the Battle Rank of 50 will be held in Outfit at the discretion of the Outfit Leader, and will be put on a special list.

The following Purge System will be followed based on "Battle Rank Level", "Time In Outfit, and "Inactivity".

  1. Battle Rank 5, before inactivity = 1 week
  2. Battle Rank 10, before inactivity = 2 weeks
  3. Battle Rank 15, before inactivity = 3 weeks
  4. Any Battle Rank inactivity = 2 calander months

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