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This Page is a living document for Dangerous Operations Group Outfit goals in planetside 2 and is subject to change as the unit develops.


Outfit Members are involved in BETA. Completed

BETA Outfit is established. Completed

The Outfit Name is locked on all available Planetside 2 BETA servers. Locked.

Currently there are 9 BETA Servers but only 3 are available.

We will not know how many servers there will actually be at Final Release.

The Terran Republic is our Primary Empire and will be on the Primary East Server whatever that name becomes.

Anti - Vanu Sovereignty training unit will be on Euro Server at Launch

Anti - New Conglomerate training unit will be on West Server at Launch

This will give our members a chance to try out other Planetside 2 empires without affecting the Primary East Coast Server and to experience what those empire specific weapons can do to them from the enemies view point.

The primary Certification Tree for Dangerous Operations Group will be for Light Assult because of its demonstrated mobility in BETA with the three Jetpack Types.

This is an example of a NC Light Assault Infantry Outfit. The Video was made with real Planetside 2 Resources.

If it is possible for the Outfit Dangerous Operations Group to have more then one Specialty in Planetside 2, then our goal is to bring online the following order of preference for unit operations based on Planetside 2 BETA and eve online type certification requirements for planetside 2.

Since all vehicles at their basic level is available to everyone, Dangerous Operations Group, will Utilize all of them based on Mission Requirements and availability at Hex sites. However the Primary Outfit Vehicle is the Flash (Quad) (ATV) as it is available at the majority of the Hex Sites.

Unit Goals Planetside 2 Specialty Advancement

  1. Light Infantry Team with Jet Packs.
  2. Medium Infantry Medic Team
  3. Medium Infantry Engineers Team.
  4. Heavy Infantry Team.
  5. MAX Infantry Team with dedicated Anti Armor, Anti Air, and Anti Infantry.
  6. Light Tank Armor Calvary - Anti Armor Lightning
  7. Heavy Tank Armor - Prowler Medium Battle tank
  8. Tacitical Air Wing - Mosquito Fighter Pilots
  9. Ground Transport
  10. Air Defense Armor
  11. Air Transport

If its possible to change Outfit Specialty, on a regular or semi regular basic, we will look at that also.

Planetside 2 BETA Goals

  1. Establish DOG Unit on Beta Server for Planet Side 2. COMPLETED
  2. Determine Unit Type based on whats available for OL. COMPLETED
  3. Establish Main Prime Times 24 Hrs cycle; EST PST GMT and Possible Asian time.
  4. Dictate Unit TR EST Server - NC - Euro Server - VS PST Server. This will be based on actual server availiblity or number of Servers.
  5. Complete All Basic Training Missions provided by game. NOT Available In BETA Yet,
  6. Complete all Custom Macros if Game allows it. NO MACROS AT THIS TIME
  7. Experiment Actual Mission Types for unit. This will be modeled off of the Planet Side 1 Current Game and adjusted for Planetside 2. IN PROGRESS


  1. Establish - Unit Map Preferences for Home Continent.
  2. Establish - Unit Prime Times - Prime Times will coinside with BETA Play Times
  3. Establish - 1st Unit Fielding MTOE - Transport Vehicles
  4. Establish - Member Recommended Role Types
  5. Establish - Recommended Individual Load Outs
  6. Establish - Recommended Vehicle Load outs.
  7. Establish - Vehicle Weapon Testing
  8. Establish - Individual Weapon Testing
  9. Establish - Recruit Training
  10. Establish - Recruiters.
  11. Establish - Trainers.
  12. Establish - S1 through S4 Officers.
  13. Establish - Outfit Resources.
  14. Establish - Unit Vehicles.
  15. Establish - Outfit Uniform.

First Month Planetside 2

  1. Run Unit Training Days on a Daily Basis For Specific Mission Types.
  2. Recruit a full platoon on at peak times and during event nights.
  3. Identify and promote aspiring officers.

First Quarter Goals Planetside 2

  1. Recruit enough to field a full platoon daily
  2. Identify particular talents of officers (e.g. combat roles, or defence/offense).

Recruitment Policy/Code of Conduct Planetside 2

  1. Must use Team Speak 3.
  2. Must Have Microphone
  3. Must join squads.
  4. Must be team oriented
  5. Over 15 and Mature.

Possible Company Types for Planetside 2.

  1. Air Cavalry/fast response
  2. Mechanized Infantry
  3. Grunt Infantry
  4. Light Jump Pack Infantry)
  5. Light Armour
  6. Heavy Armour
  7. Recon - FO Infantry
  8. Air Ground Transportation

Senior NCOs Planetside 2

  1. Offense
  2. Defense
  3. Recruitment

Training Priorities Planetside 2

  1. Buddy Training
  2. Team Role Training
  3. Squad Role Training
  4. Basic Flight Mosquito
  5. Advanced Flight Combat Training
  6. Tower Types
  7. Basic Coordinated Drop Tower Top with Mosquitos
  8. Tower Assault Top
  9. Tower Assault Mid Floor
  10. Tower Assault Spawn
  11. Tower Assault CC
  12. Tower Defence Spawn
  13. Tower Defense CC
  14. Tower Defense Top
  15. Combat Vehicle Driving
  16. Combat Vehicle Formations
  17. General Support Fires - Direct Support Fires
  18. Infantry Movement Training Indoors
  19. Infantry Movement Training Outdoors
  20. Base Types
  21. Fighting the 6 Base Sections
  22. Rules of Engagement ROE
  23. Team - Squad - Platoon - Company Movement
  24. Team - Squad - Platoon - Company Support Operations
  25. Unit Command and Control procedures
  26. Leadership Course
  27. Resource Management
  28. Unit Prime Times
  29. Unit Free Time
  30. Recruiting
  31. Unit Membership Types
  32. Weapons Training
  33. Map Reading
  34. Unit Deployment
  35. Instructor Training
  36. SALUTE Report Training
  37. OCOKA Training
  38. Team Speak 3 Training
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