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Windows 7 Core Parking:

Why Do It.

Making this change will reduce the ammount of time you crash, lag, stall, freeze, black out, etc. as this change will stop your computer from going into a power saving mode that interupts the processing of information required by new games like Planetside 2.

A lot of graphics processing for Planetside2 is done in the CPU rather then the GPU of your video card. Your video card is not really used for everything unless you are running in ULTRA graphics mode, which currently cannot be set from within the game. ULTRA Mode for Planetside2 is set inside the user.ini file and is covered in a seperate article.

What is Core Parking?

In laymen terms "Core Parking" is a "at rest" or "sleep state" of a CPU core. Newer computers now have 4, 6, or 8 cores. Core Parking, turns off or disables NOT used logical CPU cores to save electrical power to the computer.

It makes your power consumption, your electrical bill, less expensive at the cost of overall performance of your system. A very green thing to do.

Core parking is enabled by default on all win 7 computers and are tied into the power settings or profiles of most computers.

Turning off and disabling core parking on most CPU s, should provide substantial improvement in performance,

AMD computers will have a higher performance increase because AMD pairs its cores together when working on one particular task, making a specific task accomplish faster.

Intel computers will also see a performance gain, depending on the cpu model.

There are three ways of ensuring that your cores do not fall asleep when you most need them while you are playing a game.

  1. 3rd Party SOFTWARE - You can purchase software to do this for you. - Not the best!
  2. HARDWARE CONTROL - You can change it in the bios of your computer - Not the best!
  3. Modify Windows 7 directly - The best!

How To Modify Windows 7:

To modify Windows 7 you need to go into the software registry. You will NOT delete any files or add any files to to this.

There is only one parameter in one file that you do modify. You simply have to go to that file, click on it, modify it, and save it.

It took me more time to write this article than it will take you to make the change to that file, Its that easy.

Step by Step Instruction:

NOTE: You can do this with this website window and the registry window opened at the same time.

  1. Step 01 - Click on the Windows Icon located on your Task Bar .
  2. Step 02 - Go To the search box that says "search programs and files .
  3. Step 03 - Type No quotes "Reedit" .
  4. Step 04 - The Registry Editor Box will Pop up .
  5. Step 05 - Click "Edit" then click on "Find" .
  6. Step 06 - Copy paste this "key" into the find search box - No quote marks

    " 0cc5b647-c1df-4637-891a-dec35c318583 "

  7. Step 07 - Click "Find Next" .
  8. Step 08 - Scroll down the list of files till you get to the Power File .
  9. Step 09 - inside this file you will find the "Key" highlighted 0cc5b647-c1df-4637-891a-dec35c318583 that you were searching for .
  10. Step 10 - On the right side of the Registry Editor - at the top you will see column headings called Name - Type Data .
  11. Step 11 - Look down the Name Column to you see, " ValueMax " .
  12. Step 12 - This value represents the % number of cores the system will park - the default 100% ie: all Cores are potentially park-able .
  13. Step 13 - Change the value from 64 to 0 so the " ValueMin " and " ValueMax " are both zero .
  14. Step 14 - Click Save and exit the registry .
  15. Step 15 - Do a full shutdown and power-off not a restart or reset .
  16. Thats all there is to it - Most people only use one power setting, the default on that comes with their computer. If you are an advanced user, and are using more then one power setting for what ever reason, you will have to do it for each power setting profile that you have configured.

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