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UPDATED: 13 January 2013

Teamspeak Communications Instruction

Planetside 2

Effective Communications make you Dangerous.

1-1a. Purpose - To provide guidance and instruction to all current Dangerous Operations Members {DOG} members on Outfit communications using the Outfit Teamspeak 3 Server.

1-1b. Purpose - To provide guidance and instruction to visiting outfits on how outfit communication works within a decentralized military structure in planetside 2.

1-2. Goal - To inform all members on current expectations of use and uses of the Outfit Teamspeak to ensure the steady flow of operational essential information.

1-3. Use of Teamspeak - The Teamspeak 3 Server, DOG currently uses, is provided by our Outfit Leader Noviad and other contributors who donate money for its operation. To use this server is a privilege provided by the Dangerous Operations Group and NOT a right. Use of the server for any other reason, other than for Planetside 2, is at the discretion of Noviad and requires his approval. Noviad uses his own personnel funds to provide us this Teamspeak, which includes protection against Hackers, Spies, and Hijackers. If you wish to contribute funds to help offset the monthly cost, please talk to Noviad directly and he will direct you on what you can do.

..1-3.1. Requirement - DOG requires you to use the Push to Talk key setting for your transmit. This is located through the options setting in Teamspeak and in the new window, selecting the Capture Option located on the left hand side of the window. Reason for this is due to the feedback created when a voice activated microphone picks up background noises at the same time someone is talking, which gives an echo effect to everyone else in the channel.

DOG Policies and Procedures

2-1. Use of COMMS in DOG. - Using Teamspeak 3, we communicate various tasks to fulfill our mission goals. In order to do this effectively, we have rules that govern the flow of information to ensure everything is understood and received.

..2-1.1 General Rules. - BE RESPECTFUL is the number 1 rule. We are all from different backgrounds and areas. We are a team of people who have come together with like-minded goals for the purpose of conquering the world in the name of Terran Republic. This means everyone in TS should be considered a teammate, brother or sister, or family. You do not disrespect your family, so we ask you do not disrespect anyone in TS. Noviad has made it clear that Anyone doing so, will be warned once and then removed if it happens again. The decision is ultimately his to make. Noviad, Officers, and NCO's will enforce it. Noviad stills has the overall call and will deem what he feels is appropriate.

..2-1.2 Communicating. - To be effective in communicating, you need to learn to talk in the 3rd person tone. This means stating your in-game character's name instead of saying "I".
Example: Green 3 is heading to waypoint. (Excellent) Example: Rizzar is heading to waypoint.(GOOD)
Example: I am heading to waypoint.(BAD)

We do not always know who "I" is when it is used. We have more than 2 people in channel and can be extremely confusing to a member who is trying to figure out who "I" is in the middle of an engagement. Be clear when speaking and always be certain of the directions you are about to give if possible.
Example: Spotted an Enemy Sunderer. (BAD - no direction or intention)
Example: Spotted an Enemy Sunderer on West Side of Checkpoint A. Deployed. (GOOD - Clear direction from Checkpoint)
Example: Enemy Sunderer, West Side of CC, Deployed. (Excellent) - Short, Clear, Concise information)
Reference: → SALUTE Report

..2-1.3 Designations. - Certain members of the Squad are designated certain titles depending on the role they play within Planetside 2 and withing the Outfit. (Team Leader, Squad Leader, Platoon Leader, Group Leader, Old Man {Noviad}).

It is wise to familiarize yourself with these titles and who they represent when joining the outfit squad. These people are assigned a number by the Planetside 2 Squad System and knowing that number, will help you find them faster on the map in game. Teamspeak is no different once you know who is in charge or running the operation currently. Listen for instructions from that person. Do not be talking about what happened during the day or what you did while those key people are trying to give out the mission or orders. Please do not interrupt them until they are finished and then you can ask your questions once the brief is over.

..2-1.4 COMM Levels. - Communication is key to any battle. So we have levels that indicate what is acceptable chatter doing times on Teamspeak. The following is the levels that will be called out:

COMMS GREEN (COMMS FREE) - Any conversation can be discussed or BS session.

COMMS YELLOW (MISSION ESSENTIAL ONLY) - All chatter stops! Only information related to the operation should be communicated. This does not mean saying "I died!" If you are protecting a control point, then stating, "Rizzar is down at Checkpoint A, 2 Enemies still here." is acceptable. "Green 3 down, cc, 2 Enemies still there" better. This gives a clear picture of what happened. The person left to guard the checkpoint was taken out by 2 unknown enemies and we need to secure that area. "They got me" or "That's BS!" or "OMG how did that guy kill me" is NOT acceptable comms during yellow. Please die quietly unless you need to convey additional information related to the objective(s) before respawning. This also includes celebrating shouts or remarks during a "YELLOW" Condition. If the Outfit Leader gets upset or ticked that no one is listening to instructions, orders given, or objectives due to people talking about a subject unrelated to the operation, he will remove you without a warning, explanation, or so much as a thought. Keep that in mind.

COMMS RED (RESTRICTED COMMS) - NO ONE is permitted to speak unless it is Platoon Leader, Group Leader, or Outfit Leader. This goes for everything due to the sensitivity of the conversation. Either, We are communicating with another Outfit or the Old Man is getting an update from an outside source. This goes for Squad Leaders, Members, and people in channel.

..2-1.5 Squad Operations - We have the capability of becoming a very large outfit supporting more than one squad or platoon at a time. If you come into a channel and there are operations going on with that squad, do not interrupt the op. Wait for a break in the action to request a invite or find out where the ops are being held.

If you are not part of the squad conducting ops then move to a different channel so you will not interfere with that squad lead's command. Nothing is worse for an operation than to get someone in channel who is not part of the op that wants to shoot the breeze while others are fighting.

Command Teamspeak Rules

3-1. Command Roles within Teamspeak - There currently are 3 primary roles within TS and this can and will change over the course of time.

..3-1.1 Outfit Leader / Old Man - The Outfit Leader is overall in command. Treat him as God no matter what you're doing because he is your Commanding Officer in this outfit. You do something wrong, you have to answer to him. Same thing for Teamspeak and Operations within Teamspeak. This is his Teamspeak and Outfit. He comes into channel and asks you a question, answer him at the earliest available moment. He may have information to pass on to all running squads that you may need to know. He may want to know what the squad is doing or to find out about a person in your squad. Do not blow him off.

..3-1.2 Platoon Leaders - A Platoon is more than 1 squad of people. Coordinating these squads is extremely taxing on the individual trying to get squads to meet their objectives or mission. You in teamspeak talking about this and that is not going to help that Platoon Leader lead more than one squad. If we have a Platoon running, be respectful of the one person who is trying to guide 24+ people in a op. Keep your chatter down and do what you can to help that person succeed. If he asks for something, roger up fast and stop talking when it is not needed.

..3-1.3 Squad Leaders - As our outfit grows, so does the chain of command in Teamspeak. As a Squad Leader, you are responsible for communications within Teamspeak. This means you need to squash the chatter thats interfering with the op when needed. The Squad is your responsibility and the outfit name represents all of us together. Noviad will not tolerate someone in our outfit making us look bad to other outfits. So keep control of your squad and channel.

..3-1.4 Guests / Security Risks - We have from time to time, have Guests or potential new recruits who join our Teamspeak to see what we are all about. These Guests appear in Teamspeak as Security Risks. This means they currently have no rights to the server unless given rights by the Old Man or another Teamspeak Admin.

Your job as a member of this outfit is to treat that person with respect. This could be someone who wants to join us or someone from another outfit seeing how we do business. Meaning, do not be obnoxious and talking about whatever doing ops and not listening. Fastest way to find yourself out of this outfit is to cause problems or disrupt operations in the channels of Outfit Teamspeak. Guests are potential members and we need to show them we have our act together and what we are capable of.

If you want to talk about something with another member or shoot the bull with friends, please use another channel. The Old Man has plenty of channels to use so please do not disrupt a squad op. Find a empty channel to use and talk there. If you are in operations with an active squad, we expect you to listen, pay attention, and act accordingly in Teamspeak to help your squad succeed.

DOG Outfit Communications:

For any Outfit to survive on the battle field in Planetside 2 and remain dangerous, communications procedures must be established and followed to ensure that battlefield information is passed quickly from one individual to another, or one group to another or a combination of both. The following communications {COMMO} procedures will be used for Dangerous Operations Group while engaged in dangerous operations.

The Official Language of Dangerous Operations Group is English. DOG is NOT Multi-Lingual.

Dangerous communication will be based on a decentralized system where each Fire Team has separate communications within its squad and each squad has separate communications within the Platoon.

The basic Team Speak 3 Channel will be referred to as a Fire Team Channel.

Channel size will be determined by Fire Team size - 2 individuals up to 6 individuals.

Team size is determined by Mission assigned to each team.

The following protocol will be used for Team Speak 3:

A - Comms Red - Purely Tactical Data is coming in or going out usually between Outfits, Platoon, Squad, or Team. - All Teams Members will stop all Talking in their channel so the speaker can be heard by the leader. - Comms Red means to simply Keep Quiet. This is also referred to as Intel or Liaison Commo, Information Sharing across multiple channels within Unit or outside of Unit Communications Between other units. If you break this protocol you will probably hear "Shut the Fuck Up" by the leader to try to gain control of the channel. Members who continue to break this protocol will be separated from the unit. That means you're kicked out.

  1. Outfit XYZ is taking shields down at {location}
  2. Outfit ZZZ can see a GG and Gal headed towards {base Name}
  3. Meet with Outfit YYY in 5 mins at Base {name}.
  4. Team Bravo Leader is talking to Team Charlie Leader and both are on separate channels.

B - Comms Yellow - This is Team Tactical Info in Real Time for a Specific Team on One Team Speak Channel. It is the dangerous time just before, during, and after a Military Operation.

  1. 01 - Alpha Team is Breaching Back door.
  2. 02 - AMS Located at "location given"
  3. 03 - Bravo Team falling back for repairs.
  4. 04 - Number 4 needs pickup at {location}.
  5. 06 - Shoot Front.
  6. 07 - Mosquito North.
  7. Salute Reports

C - Comms Green - Any Topic on Team Speak can be discussed - unit is NOT in a combat environment.


A - Outfit Chat - Used for Passing Unit Admin Information - No Tactical.

B - Platoon Chat - Used for Any Type of Chat no restraints.

C - Squad Leader Chat - Tactical Info Only for Non Unit Squads.

D - Squad Chat - Used for any type of chat no restraints - No Tactical.

E - /Tell - Do Not Use for unit - External Unit Commo only. Do NOT use /tell Leader as Leader may be talking to someone outside of the unit and your tell may disrupt that. If you have to talk privately with someone move to a separate Team Speak channel or create a whisper.


If a Squad Leader (SL) or Platoon Leader (PL) is told by the Group Leader (GL) to RECALL the Squad then the SL will give the command RECALL RECALL RECALL. ALL members must find cover - exit vehicles if in them, stop moving and Redeploy to War Gate. This will RECALL the entire Squad or Platoon. Then go to the Unit Warp Gate Rally Point. When you can do a Recall as a group within a minute and be ready to go back to the fight then you are truly dangerous.

When the Command RECALL RECALL RECALL is given by the Group Leader, all members will Recall to Warp Gate and go to the Rally Point and load an authorized vehicle designated by the Group Leader, then move to the Outfit Rally Point

If at an enemy base - or at an area not controlled by friendly forces where the RECALL will take 20 seconds or more, the Team or Individual will initiate suicide and kill himself or herself.

If you do NOT make RECALL within the time frame specified on a regular basis you will be dropped from the Outfit.

Wrtten by Rizzar. Approved by Noivad.
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