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To All members:

Dangerous Operations Group and Censorship

We may have people from Multiple Nations, Races, Religions, Cultures, Faiths, Sexes, Sexual Orientations, Age Groups, Political Parties, Ideals, and Values.

Because of this we have adopted the following Censorship Policy based on Policy and Individual Rights in the United States of America.

Members who join us from outside of the United States of America will need to adapt to this Censorship Policy.

So what is Censorship relating to Dangerous Operations Group?

Censorship is the suppression of speech, public communication on Team Speak 3, or on the Outfit - Unit Forums which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or inconvenient to the general body of people who are members of Dangerous Operations Group as determined by the US Government, media outlets, other controlling bodies and Dangerous Operations Group Management Itself.

For more information on Censorship, press this link on CENSORSHIP.

So what is Freedom Of Speech relating to Dangerous Operations Group?

This Outfit - Unit adheres to the principles of the United States Of America's Constitution regarding the First Ammendment

For more information on Freedom Of Speech, press this link on FREEDOM OF SPEECH

During Outfit - Unit Events, Management will control the Speech - Chat in Team Speak 3 per the guidelines set forth under the Policy of Outfit - Unit Communication Procedure.

For more information on Unit Communications, press this link on UNIT COMMUNICATIONS.

We use Military Style Communication to ensure that we can accomplish the Goals and Missions of our Unit during an Event.

At ALL OTHER TIMES, Members can discuss any topic or subject that they desire.

We do not believe in Censorship.

Dangerous Operations Group members are all supposed to be mature individuals.

Not all people may agree on a particular subject matter.

Not all people will share your ideas. This should be expected by all members.

Opinions and Ideas may be discussed in chat during NON unit time segments.

This Outfit does NOT believe in being Politically Correct.

If you are logged on to this Unit's Team Speak, or in any form of Text chat used by the Outfit, including Forums, then you may be subject to, or come in contact with, hearing or seeing written, profanity from time to time.

If you are a sensitive individual, that is easily offended then:
this Outfit - Unit is NOT for you.

Please find another group to join so that our Unit Members do not waste your or their time.

If you are a current member and do NOT understand these policies you make contact me in game on teamspeak3 for clarification if needed.

Noivad - Outfit Leader

Censored Material

Pornography - Itself, and links placed in Forums or other Text Media utilized by Dangerous Operations Group

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