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What is a better computer for Planetside2?

AMD versus Intel CPUs Performance In Planetside2

PhysX and No PhysX

A look at Gaming Software

Written by Noivad 02 October 2014

As an Outfit Leader in Planetside2, I get asked semi frequently by my members in DOG - Dangerous Operations Group, what I recommend for computer hardware when building a gaming computer that will do well in the game Planetside2.

Other games titles come up of course, and how well this or that rig works with those games, usually battlefield 4, which is for many a standard in and by itself for many gamer's to base how other games play up to it as it is a very populur game.

There is some terminology that gets spit out that few understand, yet use, to describe why AMD or Intel is better than another. Now I am not saying that I am the ultimate knowledge keeper of everything gaming computer, but I do have a a degree in Electronic Engineering Technology, and have been using computer equipment, for longer than some of you have been born.

There are what are referred to in the gaming community as Intel and AMD Fan Boys who swear by their brands products, some hired by magazines, to blog, about either product. I do NOT get paid to endorse any product, what you read here, is based on my own experience, and by pure data. I will offer you a few videos to look at so you can make a more informed decision as to which computer to go for based on your individual gaming needs. All Games do not get handled by hardware the same because of software differences, and AMD and Intel handle the software differently because of the way that they do computing on raw data.

That said lets get into the core of it so to speak. Pun Intended.

Gaming Computer

Generally speaking all computers can play games. So all computers are gaming computers. But all computers are not a like. All computers function basically with the same type parts. And a lot of manufactures out there call their model of computer, a gaming computer, when in reality there are a limited number of games by type and genre that can be played on it because the software of modern games is too advanced and sophisticated for those computers.

There is also quality of play. How well does a particular game play on a particular setup of hardware. There is usually minimum specs for what is referred to as low end computers, not necessarily gaming computers, but computers, that a game could run on, that is supplied gor a particular game.

Planetside2 Minimum System Requirements:

Computers in the $200 to $300 USD range, also know as bare bones or anchor computers.

  1. OS - Windows XP
  2. Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 or higher / AMD Phenom II X2 or higher
  3. Memory - 4 GB RAM
  4. Hard Drive - 15 GB free
  5. Video Memory - 256 MB RAM
  6. Video Card - nVidia GeForce 8600 series or higher / AMD or ATI 4850 series or higher
  7. Sound Card - DirectX compatible

    Planetsdie 2 Recommended System Requirements:

    Then there is what the game can run on to get a good gameplay experience by an average gaming computer price in the $600 to $1200 USD range including lap tops with any processor.

  1. OS - Windows 7
  2. Processor - Intel i5 processor or higher / AMD Phenom II X6 or higher
  3. Memory - 8 GB RAM
  4. Hard Drive - 15 GB free
  5. Video Memory - 1,024 MB RAM
  6. Video Card - nVidia GeForce GTX 560 series or higher / AMD HD 6870 or higher
  7. Sound Card - DirectX compatible

Planetside2 Gaming Computers:

Then there are the Gaming Enthusiast Computers with a price tag in the neighborhood of $2000 plus - can go up to $6k usd.

  1. Processor - AMD FX150 or better and I7, both water cooled CPUs
  2. Memory - 16 GB Tuned RAM or better
  3. Hard Drive - Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)
  4. Video Memory - 2 GB plus - and or multiple Video cards
  5. Video Card - Nividia 670 or higher.
  6. Sound Card - DirectX compatible

Personally when I was selected for Beta after E3 by the Planetside2 staff I built a $3200 Entry Level Enthusiast Class Rig with a FX 8150 8 core CPU - By all rights just a basic gaming computer compared to the elite class gaming computers.

When Planetside2 first came out the game was orginally designed to be played on a Nividia Geforce 670 Graphics Card.

It should also be noted that the game, is still too advanced in most respects for hardware in use by most Gamers today because of the continued use of low end computers by the FPS gaming Community and their mistaken belief that a lap top is a gaming computer. Since shortly after the release of the game, the Devs transfered the Video Graphics in game to be processed from the GPU that most games use, to the CPU to allow more people to play Planetside2 despite themselves.

This had to happen as people with the inferior computers were complaining everywhere about low Frames Per Second, FPS, and the poor ablity of low end computers to handle the the games complex multi threaded software. Graphics were downgraded / optimized for lower ended computers, the games eye candy was taken off line and the option to turn that on removed from the video tab, techniclly called PhysX.

To see what the eye candy looks like on a EVGA Nividia 670 GPU check these videos out:

Three types of Game Software methods:

So now we come to the crux of the problem, all games are not made alike. Some games work better with Intel, and some games work better with AMD.

Why is that? Lets look at the Gaming Software available.

Currently most games use a single thread or line of communication to transfer game information to the CPU from its input devices. This thread is packed with all the bits and pieces of a game that make a game what it is. But like the old serial connections of communications devises of yest-er year, this way of doing gaming is slowly changing as hardware improves to multi threading. Many lines or threads of communication connecting and reconnecting to pass information to a CPU.

The advantage of this with CPU technology is that a multi threaded CPU does not have to work as hard as a single threaded CPU and more information can be supplied to a CPU at one time. This allows a lot of neat things to be done in gaming that just can't be handled by single threaded handling CPUs as effectively. This is changing because Gamer's want more and more stuff to happen in their games.

A thread of Information can be game logic, or rendering an animation, or a graphic viewpoint, or a change in xy position on a map, or you pressing the "W" key to move forward. These are the little bits. The larger the game content, the greater the little bits, till your cpu handles its max intake. First in first out.

A multi threaded games is a game that separates a game into category s and sends them on separate threads to arrive at prescribed times. This can be done in one main game thread, and for a time was done in Planetside2 like other FPS Games until Sony worked out the multi threading game engine with its use on the AMD.

Multi Threaded Software:

And then you have the multi threaded software that is made for multi threaded hardware that has multiple cores.

A more detailed article about → Multithreaded Game Engine Architectures is here:

Now a single Intel core is more powerful than a single AMD core. That is fact. But AMD uses 2 cores to handle the same information and does not need to be as powerful as it shares the load of that information. We are not talking about which is the most powerful CPU, as efficiency and performance does not relate to the computer world as directly as it does in the racing car world. We are talking about how well information is processed by a CPU to deliver the maximum amount of information at one multi split nano second.

However for those of you who still think that power equates to speed in "Horse Power" for a PC, then I point out that The AMD FX Series of CPU (The AMD Gaming CPU's) since 2011 hold the title at the time of this writing as the fastest CPUs on the market because of their overclocking ablity over Intel CPUs.

Also see Guniess World Book Of Records. → CPU-Z World Records
to compare AMD and Intel CPU speeds world record wise.

During an Interview Matt Higby Stated the following:

"Our engine sucks at that right now. We are multi-threaded, but the primary game play thread is very expensive. The biggest piece of engineering work that they're doing right now, and it's an enormous effort, is to go back through the engine and re-optimize it to be really, truly multi-threaded and break the game play thread up. That's a very challenging thing to do because we're doing a lot of stuff - tracking all these different players, all of their movements, all the projectiles, all the physics they're doing.

"It's very challenging to split those really closely connected pieces of functionality across in multiple threads. So it's a big engineering task for them to do, but thankfully once they do it, AMD players who've been having sub-par performance on the PC will suddenly get a massive boost - just because of being able to take the engine and re-implement it as multi-threaded.

"I'm very excited about that because I have a lot of friends, lots of people who are more budget minded, going for AMD processors because nine times out of ten they give a lot of bang for the buck. Where it really breaks down is on games with one really big thread. Planetside's probably a prime example of that."

So in answer to the orginal question of this article - What is a better computer for Planetside2? An AMD or Intel Computer - for the game Planetside2 and future games that use multi threaded software, than I recommend the AMD computer with a FX Series CPU.


What about all those benchmarks that show how Leet Intel is. Well benchmarks are like statitics and you can make them them up anyway you want to. You have to realize that AMD and Intel at the time of this writing have over 800 CPU variants on the market most of them NOT designed to do gaming exclusively but specfic types of processing. Can you do gaming on them, sure you can. All games can do gaming remember. Does Intel CPU's do better at single threaded software designed game, yes they do. But those games are being replaced by newer software technology. Games that can deliver multiple threads of gaming data that a CPU will have to sort through.

So look at these videos:

How to Increase Performance:

Windows 7 Users go here to find out how Win 7 hurts gaming performance: → Window 7

How to Increase Video Performance and get ULTRA ULTRA Graphics:

The Planetside2 Devs had to downgrade the graphic images in game, for people with weaker gaming systems. The game works better, with higher settings then lower ones because there are higher graphic images in the game. If you have a 670 or better Graphics Card, than try these setting. Your GPU will do some of the work, instead of the CPU doing it all, and the graphics will look a whole lot better, more detailed, and for some the games overall performance will be better than running on medium or low settings.

Windows 7 Users go here: → Ultra Ultra

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