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I have been playing PlanetSide since 2004, a MMOFPS game unlike any other FPS game because of the huge numbers of people who played it at one time.

Out of all the thousands of movies ever made about this game, a great percentage of them that I watched; I always drift back to watching Terran Conquest which was produced in the 1st year of the game by a guy called Screamin {Game Name}.

He did it for the dedicated players who were members of the Terran Republic on the Server Cluster called MARKOV.

The Music was from the Movie "Glory", the Songs were "A Call To Arms", "Charging Fort Wagner", and "Antietam".

The Movie "Glory" was about the Civil War in the United States between the North and The South.

The Game Planetside takes place in the future and is about a Civil War between three factions instead of two.

A lot of different people were involved in this production and it is said in the moivie that over 40 Gigabytes of movie footage was shot and reviewed before selecting the cuts for this Movie. At the end of this movie those people and units are displayed.

My Outfit and I were not contributers to this movie. I host the embeded link to it so others can enjoy it.

This Movie invicts the spirt of the game - The constant battle between Factions to Control all the lands or in this case Planets. The Terran Republic is depicted as winning against the other Faction Empires of course, not always the case; but it does give you a sence of how big the game it is.

Each Planet is its own server, and there are 10 of them capable of holding up to 399 players each with almost seamless travel between them. These are NOT the small maps that are found in most other FPS games or even in non FPS Games.

It is the only game that I know of that 15 different people from all over the world can fly in a aircraft with each other alongside other aircraft all carrying 15 people and go as a group to conquer an area.

Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) - the producers of the game developed a new version of the game that is MMOFPS called Planetside 2, that has the ablity to have 2000 players on a single map all FPS fighting on the same land mass each with different biomes.

The Movie "Terran Conquest" is hosted by youtube.

For more information about the Planet Side game visit: → WiKipeida.org

For more information about the PlanetSide 2 game visit: → Planetside2.com

Enjoy the Movie - Noivad - OL - DOG

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