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Dangerous Operations Group - DOG

A Terran Republic - Planetside2 Outfit

About Us

Updated 01 June 2014

Dangerous Operations Group was created on 21 May 2011 - Armed Forces Day. The Domain Name was secured in 2010 in preparation for Planet Side 2, A MMOFPS Game by Sony Online Entertainment.

We have members who were in the Military , who are still in the Military, and who have never been in the Military.

Dangerous Operations Group Started in PlanetSide, also know as Planetsdie1, is a Rapid Deployment Air Mobile Mechanized Heavy Infantry Unit that used light, medium, heavy, and specialized individual hand held and shoulder fired, weapons. They utilized, Anti Personal, Anti Armor, Anti Air Weapon Systems. Members were trained on or with all equipment that was used by the Unit.

In Planetside2, Dangerous Operations Group, fields as an Air Mobile Light Infantry Class Outfit, that utilizes the Mosquito for Rapid Deployment and the Galaxy that can transport 12 people anywhere on the Planetside2 landscape. Dangerous Operations also utilizes the Squad Deploy, Redeploy, and Spawn Becaon Transfers Proticals that are built into the game. What We learned in BETA decided which dangerous path we take. We will always strive do what others can't, and select or formulate Missions regardless to how dangerous it may be, that support the greater good of the Terran Empire, instead of for selfish personal gain for eperience points or kill / death ratios.

It is expected, that all members strive to become knowledgeable and skilled Warriors. To attend instructional classes to learn the DOG way of doing things. We want each member to be as dangerous as posible against the New Conglomerate - NC and Vanu Sovereignty - VS.

DOG - Dangerous Operations Group Idealism

Without Knowledge, Skill cannot be focused.
Without Skill, Strength cannot be brought to bear.
Without Strength, Knowledge cannot be applied.

All are Crucial Skills that Warriors develop to survive the battlefield.

With Knowledge, with Skill, you can focus on your goals and missions no matter how dangerous they are, to conquer them, to be more dangerous then danger itself, beating the odds and achieving your victory.

DOG - Dangerous Operations Group Ethos

A " True Warrior " must possess:

Loyalty - a faithfulness to the Terran Empire, The Unit, Your Teammates and the Cause to reunite the Terran Citizens once again on Auraxis.

Courage - the ablity to confront danger no matter how dangerous to onself, to go on even in pain, to venture into the unknown with out fear.

Veracity - To be truthful and honest, to seek it, to know it, to believe in it, but most importantly to see it in oneself, accept it, and use it. To know oneself is to know what you can be, or what you can actually do.

Compassion, a virture to show empathy and sympathy for the suffering. For in War even the Victors know Suffering.

Honor - Above all others, honesty, fairness, Integrity, in ones actions and beliefs to yourself and your teamates.

These are simple things, and yet so hard to practice and emulate for some. They define where self respect, and the earned respect, of your peers and enemies come from.

These are the things that make " True Warriors " truely dangerous.

These are the things that set Dangerous Operations Group members apart from other Outfits in Planetside2.

Who We Seek To recruit

We Seek Members who never shy away from battle and revel in the challenge of the competition. Whether you were an inexperienced or experienced warrior in PlanetSide1, or an accomplished knowledgeable Warrior from some other game, or someone just looking to learn and become a member of a Team, come try us out and see if we are a good fit for you in Planetside2.

We play to win, enjoy a "NO DRAMA" Environment, respect members who participate, and people who we can count on, who act on a Mature Level, want to have fun, and can take direction.

We are more interested in what you bring to Dangerous Operations Group as a person that enjoys teamwork, then what your skill level is in Battle Experience Points or Command Experience Points.

Warriors must work well with others, Teamwork is Imperative, Solo Play IS NOT tolerated at anytime.

All Jobs Positions are open to everyone except Outfit Leader. There is no special club within the group. We give all membership a chance to lead if they so desire.

Be assured, that if you do not consider yourself dangerous before you join us, that you will become dangerous in Planetside 2 once you have learned to fight with us.

We have members that have joined us from other Outfits - Units, that have chosen to learn the DOG way because of its effectiveness to achieve goals, the fun they have when they join one of our squads, and the camaraderie that forms when a group of like minded indivuals come together as a team and succeed at accomplishing an objective that other units fail to accomplish.

Dangerous Operations Group uses a Organized Military Style, Team Work Oriented, Game Play to attack our enemies. Everyone has a job to do and everyone must learn how to do their individual jobs. In every Mission Objective that we attempt, Individuals, join small teams, that perform Small Steps in a Task. When One Task is completed, Teams then move to complete another set of Tasks until all Tasks are completed and the Mission Objective is completed.

This is how the Military does it and we call it the Tasks, Conditions, and Standards of a Military Objective.

We also Team up with other Outfits or Units and work with them as well. We belong to Battle Group Matherson, an alliance of Outfits in the Terran Republic of Planetside2

Sony Online Entertainment and Planetside the game

SONY Entertainment in 2003 created the First MMOFPS Shooter where it was and still is possible for 1000's of Individuals to team up as a group from all over the world and interact within a First Person Shooter Game on a Massive Scale.

Most so called MMOFPS shooter games have 16, 36, 64, players on one server at any time and there is no interaction between servers. PlanetSide, on the other hand, has 10 servers, all interconnected that allows a player to First Person Shoot on any of them and move back and forth between them.

A concept that has set the standard that other companies have not been able to meet in the scale of actual players being able to interact with each other towards a goal of Total domination of the Game Areas in a purely first person shooter environment.

It was and still is as of November 2014 the only 1st person MMOFPS that allows 399 people to battle on one planet with 10 planets available for fighting.

So Dangerous Operations Group was formed to enter into this new gaming Environment. In the early part of 2012 our members grew to 80 very active players when Sony Online Entertainment gave 45 days of free playing time to all Sony Game Players after they corrected problems caused by hackers.

It took approximately 5 months for people to use up this free time, and they again unsubed the game except for the diehards who loved the game concepts of Planetside 1.

Dangerous Operations Group went into hibernation, with some menbers still actively playing the game until Beta of Planetside 2 cames out.


Dangerous Operations Group was represented in the Planetside 2 Tech Tests by Noivad.

Dangerous Operations Group was represented in Beta by a small group of active PS1 players. It started actively recruiting once the Final release was out on 20 November 2012.

Before Dangerous Operations Group we were called something else. Special Operations Group.

Old Orginal Game History

Special Operation Group {SOG} was created on 23 December 2004 By Noivad - In the Original Planet Side. PlanetSide 1 is operated By Sony Entertainment Group.

In its heyday membership in SOG was over 300 members with over 150 of them very active members in any given month. We Averaged 10 people online at any given hour 7 days a week for over a year until Sony stopped supporting the game.

There was also some major game play changes that were not welcome by most of the PS Game Community. The introduction of Caves and Later BFRs caused many a player to quit. Sony then offered Free Account Trials and the game slid down hill even more. Hackers started getting into game and further degraded game experience.

In 2009 Sony surveyed the older PS communicated by email and said it was considering making a new Planet Side upgraded version. The Newest Information can always be found on PlanetSide Universe. Link found on the main page.

SOG left Planet Side and officially went into EVE Online on 23 December 2006 - a Non 1st person shooting space game and we lost further members to other games. Attrition on EVE was very high. EVE is a non forgiving game with a steep learning curve. SOG became DOGIE - Dangerous Operations Group Industrial Enterprise.

SOG members left for real life issues as the US economy prevented them from playing on a regular basis. It was disbanded with members going to other groups and or games.

A core membership group continued to keep in touch while waiting for a new MMO that Offers 1st Person Shooting with 500 or more players.

We train in activities that enhance teamwork on the Original PlanetSide servers in preparation for the new Planetside 2 MMOFPS Game by Sony Entertainment.

Training occurs as needed for our members. Membership dwindled with the advent of 3 games in BETA and DOG has members in these games.

So if you are interested in Teamwork, contact any DOG member for more information.


Dangerous Operations Group in Planetside 2 from 20 November 2012, to 01 January 2013, grew to 58 members total, fielding 24 people at one time.

Today in the year 2014, we maintain approximately 100 active players per month.

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