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Dangerous Operations Group

Recruit Training Program:

Updated: 07 February 2013

The Recruit Training Program is designed to allow any Outfit Member designated as Enlisted or above, the ablity to invite Prospects into Dangerous Operations Group.

The Prospect is responsible on his or her own to complete the tasks below to advance within Dangerous Operations Group.

The Recruit Training Program is a live docoument and will change as Planetside 2 changes and we grow with it.

Recruiter Notes are provided for current members to help with their actions in the process.

To become a member of Dangerous Operations Group you must be at least 15 years of age, and act mature even if you are an adult.

Step 0:

RECRUITER NOTE STEP 0: The DOG Member recruiting, directs the prospect to read the Outfit Leader's Message. It is required reading. If the prospect agrees with all that is stated, the prospect will start the recruit training program on his own. No Other Action required by Recruiter by this time.

RECRUITER NOTE Step 0: If prospect does not read the Outfit Leader's Message, this may be indicated by inaction, of the prospect to start the Recruit Training Program. A failure on the prospects part to add the FNG title to his / her name indicates a failure to follow direction.

The Agreement:

  1. Read Outfit Leader's Message

Step 1:

Book Mark Team Speak 3:

Open the TS3 Server page to full size so you can see only it on your monitor. Then follow the steps below.

  • Click on "Bookmarks" top left.
  • Click on "Add Bookmark".
  • Click on "Manage Bookmark".
  • Select the New Book Mark.
  • Edit your "Nick Name" to DOG - "Your in game name" - FNG
  • Example: DOG - MyName - FNG
  • Click "Apply".

Result: You have bookmarked the Server with your name and current title FNG.

This Title will change as you progress within Dangerous Operations Group.

RECRUITER NOTE STEP 1: If a DOG Member is a Team Speak 3 SA, new Prospects with a FNG after their names are given a Step 1 icon next to their names.

Step 2:

DOG Team Speak 3 Rules:

  • 1. Log on to team speak before you log onto game.
  • 2. Proof of Mike is required of all members.
  • 3. Push to talk is required - NO Voice Activation Allowed.
  • 4. Comms Red - No Talking Allowed.
  • 5. Comms Yellow - Tactical Information only.
  • 6. Comms Green - Open Talk - Any Subject.
  • 7. Drinking is fine, unless you become disruptive.
  • 8. Voice Changers are not permited.
  • 9. Say Hello when coming on.
  • 10. Say Goodbye before leaving.
  • 11. Immature behavior not tolerated.
  • 12. Religion bashing is no permited.
  • 13. Racial bashing is not permited.
  • 14. Sexual Orientation bashing is not permited

Result: Prospect is now required to abide by those rules.

RECRUITER NOTE Step 2: All NCO's Monitor enlisted to ensure that TS3 rules are complied with. On the Spot Correction when needed.

Step 3a:

DOG Forum Registration

  • Register on the Outfit Forums.
  • This is Required of All members.
  • You are joining a Planetside 2 gaming community.
  • Forum Question answer during Registration is: The DOG game we are playing is XXX? The answer is PS2.
  • Access Aproval is less then 48 Hours, usually same day.
  • Outfit Forum Registration → DOG

Result: Access to information for Outfit as posted on the forums, and Alliance and Outfit events are posted on the Calendar.

Prospects are required to check for their access to the boards. Upon gaining access to the forums, goto Step 3b.

Step 3b

Hello Topic:

In the "Welcome to DOG" Topic on the DOG Forums, say hello, introduce yourself, and tell us a little about yourself. Can be as limited or detailed as you like.

Your Post will be confirmed, by an Officer, or Outfit Leader.

The Recruit will wait until he sees a number 3 next to his name in TS3, then:

The Recruit will goto the TS3 Bookmark for DOG, and change FNG to Puppy.

The Outfit Leader will change in game status of new member from Recruit to Enlisted

Book Mark Team Speak 3:

Open the TS3 Server page to full size so you can see only it on you monitor. Then follow the steps below.

  • Click on "Bookmarks" top left.
  • Click on "Manage Bookmark".
  • Select the DOG Book Mark.
  • Edit your "Nick Name" to DOG - "Your in game name" - Puppy.
  • Example: DOG - MyName - Puppy
  • Click "Apply".

Result: The Recruit becomes a full member in DOG and is given Rank of Private and the Title Puppy.

A Private is the lowest rank in a Military Type organization.

A puppy is a title given to new members who are in the begining phases of training.

Rank and Title progress as members complete levels of Training and with increased responsiblity with Dangerous Operations Group.

This ends the recruiting process for DOG - new members will now enter the training process.

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