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Dangerous Operations Group - DOG

A Terran Republic - Planetside 2 Outfit

DOG Recruiting Policy and Goals for PlanetSide 2

UPDATED: 31 January 2014

Dangerous Operations Group has a very open and aggressive recruiting policy.

The Extended Goal:

We need to reach our extended goal of at least 10 people Online in game during off USA Prime Time Hours, and in Team Speak 3, all in squad working together, for every hour of each 24 hour day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year.

That is 180 additional people per day for the non prime time off hours of a 24 hour period.

The Prime Time Goals:

EST prime time field 48 people every day from 2000 Hrs - 2200 Hrs (8 to 10 pm ).

CST prime time field 36 people every day from 2200 Hrs - 2400 Hrs (10 to 12 am ).

PST prime time field 24 people every day from 0000 Hrs - 0200 Hrs (12 to 2 am ).

We require 216 Prime Time Players to maintain a daily average through out the week.

We require the 180 people of Non Prime Time players to maintain a daily average of 10 people per hour for the rest of the day.

We are looking to recruit 396 players to meet this goal.

Who we Try to Recruit

Our Goal in recuiting a DOG Warrior is to find a person, who wants to fight in a organized manner, instead of playing solo, or in an Outfit that provides no guidance where everyone is doing their own thing, working very losely together, and no one really working together, like so many Outfits seem to to do.

You must be at least 15 years of age to join, and act mature even if you are an adult.

Dangerous Operations Group is all about Teamwork and doing it by the numbers.

How We Recruit:

With this in mind we recruit in the following way.

We recruit every week
We do ask people who join our squads if they are looking to join a Unit - Outfit. If they tag along with us and follow our direction.
We do invite people from other outfits who want to experience Organized Game Play who express that they are unhappy with their current Outfits.
We do invite people who are not wearing Outfit Tags that Tag along with us. We do not invite members already in Outfits within the ULTRA Alliance
We do not spam invite openly in chat global chat.

The Recruit:

Once an indivual is recruited, the recruit goes through a probation period.

We take great time and care, (some would say too much care), on choosing if the recruit stays in the outfit or gets kicked out as unfit.

We want Quality, NOT Quantity.

Quality does NOT mean you have to be a good player. It means you can function in a team environment.

We have procedures in place to make sure that we do get quality.

What this does in the end is make sure that the quality of the recruit is the very best it can be and most importantly that the people who join us are like minded in organized game play.

SOLO players and Non Team players are not tolerated!

All Recruits are considered members once they enter the New Recruit Training Program, but will hold the in game Recruit Label, until Basic Training is completed, regardless of probation time.

All Recruits must joing Teamspeak, They will be given a M icon, depicting Membership, and a 0 Icon depicting they are a Phase 0 Recruit.

The Recruiters:

There are indivuals that have been slected and are permited to be Recruiters in DOG.

Their position is an adminstrative one with the Outfit, not a game designated one and NOT a chain of command one.

They are the only ones in the Outfit that are authorized to invite Recruits into the Outfit.

All Recruits are considered members once they enter the New Recruit Training Program, but will hold the Recruit Label, until Basic Training is completed.

Each Recruiter may invite as many new Recruits as are available to form a recruit squad of 11 people.

If there are four Recruiters online at the same time then a Recruit Platoon can be formed.

The Recruiter is responsible to Sponsor the New Recruit

The Recruiter is Responcible to update the Recruits In Training Topic on the Forums.

A Recruit Check list is on the web site as reference, and the format in the recruiter section of the forums.

The Recruiter is directly responsible for the recruit he hires as far as keeping track of them, helping them along, and ensuring that they meet the DOG requirements.

Recruiters are required to scrafice game time to take care of their administrative requirements. This is a volunteer position only.

Recruiters will direct new recruiters to DOG web site pages, and instruct recruits in proper proceedures.


Every Recruit goes through a probation period with the Outfit. This can take a few days up to several days depending on how often the recruit plays.

The Recruit will be observed during his time of probation by leadership within DOG.

Leadership will follow the guidline for observation of New Recruits on Probation.

Leadership will help new Recruits with "On the Spot Correction" regarding diviation of the guidlines given the Recruit, by the Recruiter when enlisted

During Probation a Trainer, will do Basic Training with each Recruit.

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