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Dangerous Operation Group

Dangerous DOG Operator

Who is he or she? It is a person who knows how to use effective communication, situational awareness, military training, knowledge of weapons and equipment, in specific environments found on Auraxis in Planetside2, while working with a team of other DOG Operators to accomplish a Military Mission to take or destroy a Military objective, in either Close Quarter Combat or Close Quarter Battle while engaging an enemy who has a larger force present on a fluid battlefield.

It is a person who is dangerous, because he follows, directives, understands teamwork, knows its not about the K/D of the game play by the individual, but rather the accomplishment by the group to complete its objective in a violent way that leaves the enemy disoriented, disillusioned, confused, with lowered morale and a feeling of being farmed.

It is a person who works with a group, that forces the enemy to bring larger numbers to remove DOG Operators from the Battle Area, because he can only do it with numbers, and NOT tactical expertise.

It is a person, who plays on a regular basis, wants to learn new skills that will make him even more dangerous in the eyes of the enemy that we call the Vanu Sovereignty (VS) and the New Conglomerate (NC).

It is a person who wants to become a dangerous player, using the Art Of War, Small Team Tactics, and a style of game play called Storm Trooper, that is used by both Military, and Police Agencies around the world, to take control of an area in a short period of time with as few causalities as possible.

To be dangerous, one must think dangerous, act dangerous, do dangerous, in a violent way against the enemy.

Do you have what it takes to be dangerous as a DOG Operator on the battlefields of Auraxis in the game planetside2? If you do we will see you on the Battlefield.

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