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Dangerous Operations Group

The Dangerous Buddy Team - Battle Team

A Buddy Team - Battle Team: are two indivuals, that support eact other in Combat. They work and communicate together to accomplish assigned goals.

In World War II they were called Fox Hole Buddies and shared a foxhole. Today in Boot Camp and Advanced Initial Training in the United States Army they are called Buddy Teams.

After BCT and AIT indivuals are assigned to Units and may be assigned to another person to form a Battle Team. They meld as a team with a closer bond then a man and his wife.

They move as one knowing what the strengths and weaknesses of each other are, and watch each other's back. They learn to trust each other with their life. They are the perfect dangerous fighting team.

How does the Battle Team fit into a squad

Two Battle Teams form a Fire Team, and there are Three Fire Teams to one squad. DOG - Dangerous Operations Group in Planetside2 utilizeds 4 squads per platoon for a total of 12 Fire Teams or 24 Battle Teams

What does a Battle Team do in Planetside2

Depending on the Battle and how a Battle Team Arrives to it, they can take a Control Point, Attack or defend an entrance to a room, Destroy a vehicle as a team, operate, any vehicle type as a team with different roles for those vehicle, operate with a Fire Team or a Assault Team

The Battle Buddy Team is the Basic Building Block of Team Play and organized game play.

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